“There is no must in art because art is free.”
Wassily Kandinsky

In this humdrum of life, where each moment is reduced to a step closer to the finish line, experiencing the grandiosity of art has become an act of courage. In a world that rarely even slows down, art, culture and literature are the only forces that can bring it to a halt. UPG’s LitFest 2019 is a celebration of these very forces, away from the hassle of competition. It is an honest attempt, to bring to you the best of what art has to offer.
UPG’s LitFest is a non-profit festival that unifies a multi-faceted audience with one common thread, unhibited love for art. It is a literature festival carefully curated for people from across backgrounds and all walks of life. At UPG’s LitFest, we provide everyone with an opportunity to interact with like-minded people, to showcase their talent, and to learn from the most respected personalities.
UPG’s LitFest brings together diverse art forms, from written to spoken literature, to music, dance, film, theatre and even fine arts. When it comes to art, we believe there must be no holds barred!