Ironic Century


‘Time heals everything.’
But maybe time is the only thing we don’t have.
City Life.

(All the urban people, I hope I got you nodding in agreement)

Yet, yet according to a list of legitimate survey reports, we tend to spend as many as nine hours a day, every day on social media, television and computer screens i.e. more than one-third of a day. Which sums up to a minimum span of five years of your existence.
But, didn’t we just agree on not having enough time!?
Stay put, the irony has just begun.
For starters, we are at a juncture where humans are working like robots to create robots that will function like humans. Jeff Bezos might beg to differ (about the latter part) though. Not just this, people today drudge for, what seems like 26hours per day for six days straight to enjoy the cameo of a Sunday.
Women are being molested whilst protesting against molestation. Let the truth sink in. Maybe they weren’t wearing the right clothes. It makes little difference anyway because from diapers to burkhas, to corpses, to animals, our men have done it all. Probably one or two decades ago, little did we know about the term ‘rape’, today, it has become a household topic.
And people say we are a stagnant society.
Sustaining the irony, today, science and technology are given prime importance, in fact, proudest are the parents whose children have chosen the science stream. Concurrent to which, we have not only introduced but contributed to the lightning evolution of the concept of ‘godmen’. (I wonder why are they yet not on the Forbes List) If there were ever a choice between proving the existence of life on Mars and that of godmen, I am pretty sure where I’d put all my money.
And of course, let us not forget our cherished environment. (Talking about environment protection is like talking about Sheena Bora murder case, it just never goes out of ‘fashion’ and there is simply no conclusion.)
Trees are still being chopped, pollution (of all sorts) is still increasing at its pace, greenhouse still has its effect, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan is now a #throwback movement, and we are doing nothing about any of it.
Not actually nothing. We dutifully rant about it. Walking on the streets holding cardboard banners that shout anti-felling slogans also counts, doesn’t it? We even celebrate the influential environment week, on yearly basis.
We are definitely doing our bit.

(Fun Fact: A huge amount of debris is always found around rather than inside a dustbin because apparently, people try their luck at being Michael Jordon and profoundly fail.
Next time, walk your feet close enough to the bin so as to throw the trash inside.)

Ironically, even at a sub-conscious level, we are thoroughly aware of all the consequences.
Why not try being conscious while we still have time?

But let’s be honest, all we are actually doing is conveniently laughing it all off or utmost ending up with a blog post.

Khushbu Vora

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