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The students of Usha Pravin Gandhi College were only looking to launch a BMM festival when they
stumbled on the idea of Litfest. They created a festival celebrating what is worth living: art. Art in all
its shapes and sizes, forms and flaws was to be cherished and promoted in its purest forms. Hence, it
was decided that it would be a non-competitive event. Thus, Litfest was born.
Litfest is the place where those of art and creativity feel at home. Here, the heart rules over the
mind, there’s madness over logic and more than anything, life is celebrated. An event that lasted for
two days splashed its colours over the people involved in such a way that the memories are still alive
in their hearts.
Litfest 2017 set the bar high for a non-competitive college festival. Seeing a footfall of over 5000
people and a number of notable sponsors, the fest kicked off spectacularly. We looked on as even
people with two left feet couldn’t stop themselves from grooving in the dance workshop. Amateur
singers exercised their vocal cords in the classical music workshop. The audience listened
mesmerized as poets set fire to the stage, all without flames, just with words. The panel discussion
about theatre pulled close all the aspiring playwrights and actors. The filmmakers of tomorrow
found their way to the movie screening and discussion. Some people wrote their first ever lyrics in
Litfest in a stunning writing workshop.
Litfest 2017 started on a high note and ended on an even better one. That September, we
successfully established a one of a kind Literature festival and made a mark; UPG’s Litfest was here
to stay. The audience left enthralled, the organizers were satisfied but above all, art triumphed in a
world it was left somewhere behind, commercialized beyond recognition. In those two days, we
discovered, reinvented and truly loved what gives meaning to our lives.